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Mold Removal 411 is the premiere online directory of Mold Removal Services in the United States. Our goal is to educate users who are interested in finding information on mold removal, mold remediation, asbestos removal, mold inspection & testing, flood restoration, black mold removal, water damage restoration and leak detection. Locate Top Mold Removal Services, browse through articles, read reviews and more.

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What Costs Are Associated With Mold Remediation?

by: Edward Genovese

There are several costs associated with the price of a complete mold remediation. Not only do you have to pay for the mold remediation service itself, but there are inspections that need to be ...read more

How Much Does Mold Removal Cost?

by: Vav Karter

Molds are small organisms of various colors like black, white, green etc. and that are found almost everywhere in your household, including plants, food and dry leaves. Molds generally develop in ...read more

Black Mold Removal - Get Rid of Mold With Borate

by: Sarah Osborne

If you have urgent need to get rid of mold, try using borate, or boric acid for black mold removal. Borate is salt or ester of boric acid and highly effective against bacteria, mold and fungi. ...read more

Asbestos Consultancy and Advice

by: Warler Huang

There are numerous advantages of using asbestos during the construction of a building, but to make sure that you mitigate the damage asbestos can result in, it is best that you consider going to ...read more